Fall Leagues 2020 FAQ'S

Q: Do I have to wear a mask the entire time I bowl?
A: No. Masks are required to enter and when in common areas of the facility.

Masks can be lowered/removed in the bowler's settee area and on the approach only.

Q: Are precautions being taken to minimize the risk spreading the virus?
A: Absolutely. PBC is following CDC guidlines for sanitizing and social distancing to ensure the safety of our customers & staff.


Q: How will the bowling center follow social distancing practices during leagues?
A: Our plan is to put only one team on a pair of lanes instead of 2 teams per pair.


Q: What if I want to bowl, but some of my teammates decide not to bowl?
A: So far, many bowlers have indicated that they want to bowl this Fall. Our plan is to  floor all of our leagues as ususal. If necessary, we will temporarily combine teams/bowlers from other leagues to create short-season house leagues.


Q: If I bowl in a "short-season" house league, can I rejoin my league when it reforms?
A: Yes.


Q: How long is a "short-season" house league?
A: About 14 weeks, finishing by the 1st week in January 2021.


Q: Will "house leagues" be Sanctioned and have prize-money?
A: Yes & Yes. Prize money to be paid out on of the last night of the schedule.


Q: Who will do the secretary/treasury duties?
A: For house leagues, PBC will handle all treasury & secret arial duties at no charge.


Q: How much are the weekly league fees for "house leagues?"
A: For house leagues, fees will likely be lower than your usual league fees.


Q: I want to bowl, but I'm not sure I can afford it.....
A:Options are available. You can discreetly discuss this with your league officers. Please speak with them directly. PBC will not disclose any info regarding those who need assistance.


Q: When will I know if my league is going to form up as usual?
A: Your league officers and PBC are reaching out to our members now. PBC recommends that you, or a team member, attend the pre-season meeting for your league.


Q: When is the pre-season meeting for my league?
A: Meetings are usually held the 3rd week of August on the same night/time your league would normally bowl. Contact your league officer or PBC for details.



Fall Leagues­ Now Forming

All league bowlers receive a FREE VIP CARD good for $1.49 per game open bowling through May 2021!

Details at control desk.

Starting September 2020 


Mondays - Starts 9/14

9:30am Breakfast Ladies (3 per team, free coffee & snacks)

*6:30pm Mixed Nuts (4 per team/mixed)

*7:00pm Lower Bucks Men (5 per team)

*Both League's MTG 8/24 @ 7pm


Wednesdays - Starts 9/9

*6:30pm Peco Bucks (4 per team, mixed) 6:30pm Ladies (3 per team)

*6:30pm Mixers (4 per team, any combo guys/girls)

*Both League's MTG 8/19@7pm


Thursdays - Starts 9/10

1 :00pm Senior Citizens Mixed (4 per team, free coffee & snacks)

*6:10pm Mens Petersen Pt. Hdcp (5 per team, competitive)

*9:00pm Thurs Nite Live! (3 per team, any combo guys/girls)

*Men's MTG 8/20@ 6:30pm      TNL MTG 8/20@ 8:00pm


Fridays - Starts 9/11

6:10pm NEW TGIF Mixed HUGE PRIZE FUND! (5 per team, mixed)

League MTG 8/28 @ 7pm


Saturdays - Starts 9/26

9:30am Bumpers Mixed (ages 4-8) (3 per team, any combo boys/girls)

9:30am Juniors Mixed (ages 9-12) (4 per team, any combo boys/girls)

11:00am Teens Mixed (ages 13-19) (4 per team, any combo boys/girls)


Sundays - Starts 9/13

6:00pm Sunday Fun Mixed (4 per team, any combo guys/girls)

League MTG 8/23 @ 6:30pm

449 W. Lincoln Highway
Penndel, PA 19047


Accepting Major Credit Cards

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