2020 Leagues

Penndel Bowling Center

It's not about being a "good bowler," it's about having a good time!   

Bonus!! All League Bowlers

receive a $1.49 per game VIP Card

for Open Bowling Games through May 2020

New! 6:00 PM Sundays Adult-Youth Trios



9:30 AM Breakfast Ladies League (3 per team, free coffee, and snacks)

6:30 PM Mixed Nuts League (4 per team, mixed)

7:00 PM Lower Bucks Men's League  (5 per team)


6:40 PM Ladies "No Drama" League (4 per team)


6:30 PM Peco Bucks League (4 per team, mixed)

6:30 PM Ladies League (3 per team)

6:30 PM Mixers League (4 per team, any combo girls/guys)


1:00 PM Senior Citizens Mixed League (4 per team, free coffee, and snacks)

6:10 PM Men's Petersen Pt. Hdcp League (5 per team, competitive)

9:00 PM Thursday Night Live! League (3 per team, any combo guys/girls)


6:20 PM TGIF Mixed League (5 per team, mixed)


9:30 AM Bumpers Mixed League (ages 4-8) (3 per team, any combo boys/girls)

9:30 AM Juniors Mixed League (ages 9-12) (4 per team, any combo boys/girls)

11:00 AM Teen Challenge Scholarship Mixed League (ages 13-21) (4 per team, any combo boys/girls) 


6:00 PM Sunday Fun Mixed League (4 per team, mixed any combo guys/girls)

New! 6:00 PM Sundays Adult-Youth Trios Have a Ball League (3 per team for youths age 9-16 with family members, relatives, friends, neighbors etc.)

Starts January 26th, 2020

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